Earls Store Brand Products

The shelves at Earls Meat Market are loaded with a fine array of Earls famous store brand  meat products. Some of our most popular products include farmer sausage, ground beef, roast, smokies and deli meats.

Earls Meat Market, the healthy choice - Who's Your Butcher?

Farmer Sausage

Earls Farmer Sausage has gone coast to coast in Canada and people agree that its the best Farmer Sausage they have ever tasted.

Ground Beef

Freshly ground, Earls Ground Beef will make your next beef recipe the talk of the town.


Earls Roast looks as impressive as it tastes and will have your family asking for it regularly.

European Wieners

Earls famous European Wieners are made on-site with recipes coming from four generations of meat cutters and processors.

Deli Meat

From banquet platters to lunch sandwiches, Earls Deli Meat is cut fresh to your order and tastes amazing!

Recipe Ideas

Have a look at some of our tasty recipes to help you decide on what Earls Store Brand Products you need to put on your shopping list.